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Torenka Concert Photo Package

The Torenka Concert Photo Album Package

We are not your average concert photographers! In addition to owning Torenka Photography, Toby and Renae Karlquist also own Whut Marketing Solutions and have provided businesses, musicians, and bands with promotional merchandise since 1998.

Our signature piece is our Custom Concert Album which showcases our professional, portrait quality images from your show in a full color concert album that you can sell at your merchandise tables and your website store. We have refined this over the years into our popular, affordable Torenka Concert Album Package.

Our custom Concert Photo Album Package includes two professional concert photographers capturing images of you and/or your band throughout your entire show from two different perspectives. During a Full Show Access concert, we typically capture 2000 to 4000 images that gives us plenty of choices to select the very best images from the show. We spend hours meticulously editing our images and then thoughtfully build your Custom Concert Photo Album for you to sell at your concert merch tables and on your website store.

Our concert photo albums range from 16 to 28 pages and are printed in full-color (four color process) on 80# Gloss Text stock. Gloss text paper is a coated paper that gives off a high shine that illuminates the colors printed on it. The outside covers feature a thicker 80 Lb Gloss Cover Stock which finishes the high quality appearance of our Concert Albums. Our photo albums feature  50 to 150+ fully edited, high-res images. The Photo Albums measure 11"H x 8 1/2"W.

Click Here to see a sample of our 28 page concert photo album!

Our custom Concert Album Package is affordable and gives you  a high return on your investment. We recommend a sale price of $20.00 (USD) per Album which is typically less than what most concert t-shirts sell for, allowing for additional sales both at the live concerts and from online website stores.

Depending on quantities ordered, the price point for our Albums ranges from $6.75 down to $2.70 each (USD). This allows for a healthy profit margin of 66% to 86% for you. We encourage bands to increase their VIP package pricing to help cover the cost of our Albums and to provide a special memento to the VIP guests. We also advise having the band members autograph a certain number of our Concert Albums so they can be upsold for a premium price at the merch tables and online.

The following is a chart showing your potential profit for selling our 28-page album. This chart is based on an album sale price of $20.00:

Untitled photo

Shipping and any sales tax is not included in the above chart and is additional if applicable. Prices subject to change.

How our Concert Album Package Works

You, your tour manager or your management team will provide two  (2) Full Show Access photo credentials for  Toby Karlquist and Renae Karlquist so that we can capture our images of you and your band performing the entire concert. We also request that your tour manager meet with us and the head of the venue security so that the venue security are aware that we will be photographing the entire show. Live Nation (for example) is notorious for bullying photographers and physically escorting them out typically after the 3rd song. We don’t want that happening as it does not give us enough photographic variety to complete a concert album with the caliber you expect and deserve.

We are professional concert photographers and this is not our first rodeo. We know how to stay out of the way and not block the paying fan’s view. Typically bands don’t even realize we are there until they see the photos that we captured at their show. If you allow us to shoot from the sides or back of the stage we stay out of the way and we are dressed in black to blend into the background. Fans love seeing casual shots of their favorite band members so we suggest some shots from backstage and in the green room etc. Allowing us onstage after the final song to capture an image of you and your band with the crowd behind you makes for a great last page of the album. 

You will commit to purchasing any quantity of our custom Concert Albums. We do not charge a fee for the hours we spend photographing your show, editing the thousands of photos we capture or for crafting the Concert Albums. Yes, we make a few bucks on the albums themselves but you can see from the profit chart that your ROI is excellent for our Concert Albums.

In addition, we request 1 size XL and 1 size M concert t-shirt of our choice from your merch table. Hey, we’re fans too and we are doing a lot of work for you!

We are available at the venue of your choice in the Phoenix, Arizona area at no additional cost. We are happy to photograph you at any other venue, arena or stadium in or outside of the U.S. but transportation, hotel and meal charges will be added. All travel expenses must be reimbursed prior to travel taking place.

Concert Album payment is expected at the time the approved Concert Album proof is approved.

We also provide all of our high-res images that we capture at your show for you to download and use on your website, social media and publicity.

In addition to our Concert Albums, we also offer other affordable items for the merch tables including custom imprinted lapel pins, guitar picks, guitar pick key chains, necklaces, and magnets. We also offer custom decals, coasters, t-shirts and much more.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 480-390-9970 or click on the "Contact Us" link at the top and send us an email. We look forward to working with you and your band and to helping you generate additional income!