My wife Renae and I have been enjoying the “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” series that Delaney has been directing. It is great to hear Jimmy explain the background on how these songs were conceived.

My first Jimmy Buffett concert was in 1976 or 1977 when he played a concert following an Omaha Royals baseball game at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska. 43 years and 40+ live shows later we are still fans of Jimmy and his music.

Our all-time favorite show was the 50th Anniversary of Le Select in St. Bart’s on November 6, 1999. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend this concert and it was truly a magical night and beautiful location for a concert. We are photographers so we had our cameras with us for this show. We picked a spot to watch the show along the dock and as fate would have it, we ended up standing right next to the boat that Jimmy and his family were using as their pre-show “green room”. We took tons of photos that night and came home with many good memories from that show.

At the time, we owned a custom embroidery business and we created a custom logo to commemorate that show. We embroidered it on white polo shirts and Mike Ramos took the bag of shirts on the boat and handed them out to the band. We know that Robert, Pete and Charleston each took a shirt. We don’t know if Jimmy ever saw those shirts or not, but we had fun doing them.

Delaney’s videos inspired me to dig out the negatives (no digital at that time) from that show. I scanned a few of them and have included them here. We don’t know a lot of the folks that we photographed but there are a few decent photos of Jimmy, Delaney and Cameron along with the others. And we know some of these folks have sailed on since that show.

We would be happy to send the edited images to Delaney if she is interested. Hopefully she, Jimmy and the other folks in these photos will get a kick out of seeing them after all these years.

Keep up the great work with your Songs You Don't Know By Heart series!  Thanks for the memories!

Toby & Renae Karlquist
Queen Creek, Arizona