My name is Toby Karlquist and my wife Renae and I are professional photographers in Queen Creek, Arizona. We had the privilege of photographing your show at the Celebrity Theater on 11/19/22. You probably have plenty of photos from your concerts but we thought we would share some of our photos from the show with you.

The following are not Public Galleries and are only accessible with the link we provided. You are welcome to download and use any/all of our photos for your website, social media, publicity, etc. Feel free to share this link with your friends and family. Please don’t post this link in your social media or websites. This gallery is for your use only. We have a public version on our site for the rest of the world to see that does not include download buttons.

You have 2 folders below to choose from. One folder has our photos with our Torenka.com watermark. We ask that you please use our watermarked photos for your social media, websites and publicity. The 2nd folder has the same photos with no watermark. If you use these photos for your social media, websites or publicity we ask that you please add “Photo by Torenka Photography - torenka.com” below the photos you use.

We hope you find a photo or two that you like! Thanks for looking and thanks for the great concert at the Celebrity!

Toby & Renae Karlquist
Torenka Photography