"120 to 180 Meteors Per Hour" they said...

December 14, 2017

The Geminids Meteor Shower peaked early this morning. We had beautiful, clear skies all night long. The “experts” predicted anywhere from 120 to 180 meteors could be seen per hour. I shot a total of 449 20 second exposures. That equates to just shy of 2 ½ hours worth of photos. So on the conservative side (120 per hour) I should have easily photographed 300 meteors in this timeframe. Let’s say they were way off on their estimate and there would only be maybe 10 meteors per hour. Then I would have captured 25 meteors, right? Wrongo! Two. Out of 449 20 second exposures there were 2 meteors. I took the liberty to merge the 2 shots into the single photo posted here. Next up: the Quadrantids Meteor shower January 3-4, 2018. “Up to 40 per hour…” We’ll see about that.

Geminids Meteor Shower, 2017. Mesa, AZ

tK Giminids-1

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